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Well equipped in the new school year!

Heute erreichten uns neue Fotos unserer Stipendiaten. Letzte Woche konnten wir, mit Ihren Spenden, vor Ort die benötigten Schulmaterialien für alle unsere kleinen Schüler besorgen. ...Das neue Schuljahr kann also beginnen!


Today we got new pictures of our little scholarship holders. Last week we could by all the school equipment from your donations. Now the new school year can start!

The children got some stationery materials while they were doing their school homework assisting by Sushila Guni.



Seven scholarships for the next school year!

Für das nächste Schuljahr haben wir sieben Schulstipendien an besonders arme Kinder vergeben. Die Stipendien enthalten die Schulgebühr, die Schuluniform, die Schulmahlzeiten und die Unterrichtsmaterialien. Wir möchten uns nochmals für die vielen Spenden und die großartige Unterstützung unserer Helfer vor Ort, Ammar Raj Guni und Bashudev Thapaliya, herzlich bedanken!


Seven scholarships for the next school year we gave to very poor children. The scholarships includes the school fees, the school uniform, school food and the books and school equipment. We would like to thank you for your donations and for the great support on site to Mr. Ammar Raj Guni and Bashudev Thapaliya!


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Luciana La Marca from France

Swen Boog from Germany

Lars Kummer from Germany

Ammar Raj Guni from Nepal

Thapaliya Bashudev from Nepal


....hopefully more supporters soon


About our project


Our idea is to help the children most affected by the earthquake such as those who lost their parents i.e. contributing to build a structure for them to stay. Then of course we want to help children overall to have a better time at school with scholarships, so that the poorest ones could go to school.  Therefore we are running our calendar project at schools in Nepal with our partner organization Community Development Foundation (CDF Nepal) .



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