After a very beautiful trekking I have visited all our kids in Kathmandu, as well at school as in their homes - only Utshav evidently had already left for his home village because of Dashain Holidays - that's why I could not meet him.

Furthermore I have visited again the village Thanapati (about 40 kms north of Kathmandu), two years after my last visit and 3 years after this horrible earthquake to get an impression how things are developping.


First of all I would like thanking Bashu and Ammar and their families for their friendly welcome and precious help and support with all my visits!

It was a pleasure and fun to meet old friends everywhere and make new friends - all people was happy to see me again and they supported me as much they could. Thank you so much to all of them!

All our kids and their families are very thankful to be sponsored by all of you enabling them visit good schools and having nice food at school - they all like a lot to learn and most of them are very good or good pupils.

1. THANAPATI village and school


You might remember that we sponsored the school there after the earthquake and maybe my visit report from 2 years ago. And now i was curious how the village would look like and if people had already rebuilt their broken houses ...Again i lived in the home of the teacher's family. Instead of the simple tiny hut made of corrugated iron from last time they meanwhile had built in 2017 a very nice new house old styled - one of the few already rebuilt houses. I spent very beautiful days there, living and eating like the local people. Especially the mother/grandmother is my big favorite - with her 10 English and my 10 Nepali words we had "conversations" and was laughing a lot. Well, life there is not complicated, but very hard working on their steep terraces.


Nearly all families in Thanapati and surely in the other villages there still live in their huts made of corrugated iron and now they slowly start to build new houses. These houses due to government regulations all look the same , like a "small box" and you will never find again all these beautiful old farmer's houses. Anyway people are happy to live again in a house.


The old school partly broken in the earthquake was demolished - the actual school consists of the tiny 3-room-building the villagers erected themselves and a hut made of corrugated iron with another 3 rooms. Two new school buildings are under constuction. Maybe the lack of room was the reason why there was only about 40 kids at school instead of 120?? It was very nice meeting all teachers and pupils again and the kids made wonderful drawings for our organisation. And i found the new globe i had sent last time to the village! Occasion to show where my country is situated and give a lesson about European geography.


One of the two new school buildings in construction is erected from government the other one from an NGO - unfortunately i could not find out from which one. Now there should be in sum 120 kids (number is increasing every year) and 7 teachers. Some of the teachers are paid by government, some evidently by the NGO and some by villagers (it s great to see that if you help these people they do something of their own as well!!). So i met again Kalpana Tamang, a very active teacher, whose salary was sponsered by us for one year and now her salary is paid by the villagers (very little compared to the government paid teachers). The school principle (i met him on the occasion of my last visit) was not at school - he was at home for one week because there was a special puja in his house (ceremony for the dead family members).
Bashu proposed to have an eye at this school because they are very helpful and he will find out what happened to our equipment we gave after the earthquake. And maybe we may support them again if we get enough support of all of you?? Anyway village people there are rather poor - e.g. the kids did not have their own colored pencils to draw. I brought some boxes, but it was just enough for drawing in one class. Although all the kids were crazy for drawing only some classes could do it due to lack of more time, one after the other. After finishing drawing the teachers locked rest of the pencils in the teacher's room!


Please remember that all the kids are from poor families from earthquake districts moving to Kathmandu from their no more existing homes in various villages after the earthquake.
They all are eager to learn as they are aware that education means a better future for them!
Bashu is in charge of the Sedhain kids, Ammar of the others. Now his wife Sushila deals with the kids and schools and it was her coming with me to meet the Kids.

2a. Our Scholarships ROJA and ROJESH SEDHAIN in Kathmandu


Was visiting again at Basundhara Liberty School together with Bashu - had already seen their small but nice room last time.
Their parents came over to school as well and I was very happy that ill and therefore not in position to work Mr. Sedhain looked much better than last time! He is very ill and no operation is possible as per the Austrian doctor Dr. Gerda living and working in a hospital in Kathmandu - Mr. Sedhain has to take medicine for the rest of his life. Two years ago I arranged this consultation - Mr. Sedhain and Bashu were very happy about as Dr. Gerda for the first time had explained them precisely this desease. (this time i had the chance to get to know Dr. Gerda personally along with Bashu to thank her.)
And of course this illness has an impact on the kids but whole family seemed to be much happier than last time. Both the kids are very hardworking and very good pupils in the meantime. The girl still wants to be a doctor and the guy has changed his plans to scientist. Both like to read in their free time and they speak much more English than before.
All pupils from 4th and 6th class made very nice drawings for our Organisation.

2b. Pictures from Canvas Basanta Ritu School and from our Scholarships  of the three kids from the Lama family  and Unesh Kathmandu


I had the chance to see this school the last two days before Dashain holidays started. (Ammar unfortunately did not have so much time as it was high trekking season and therefore i could only stay in his home for 2 days).
Got a good impression of this school, seems to be a very nice and engaged school, rather big, 3 buildings and about 600 kids plus 50 teachers.
Although the bigger students just had written exams before starting into holidays i was showed around to all the classes talking to many students - everybody came up asking questions as i was the first foreigner to visit this school (they told me). I visited as well the kitchen for the students (some eat lunch there, others bring it from home) and found a funny cook and very nice food. Our kids take lunch there. Furthermore i spoke to some of the teachers and of course to the director - very short unfortunately as he was extremly busy - about the Lama sisters and their precarious Situation.
You might remember that we moved the three sisters from government school to this private school one year ago - due to their lack of knowledge and hygienical problems. It seems that they did not visit government school too often (there is no control there) and now they are in very low classes. They look much better, happier and cleaner and the principle confirmed that they improve and integrate rather well. They don't talk about their miserable situation in their home at school and it seems that they benefit a lot of the positive surroundings and the other kids around them.
For the first time visited as well the Lamas home - oh my god! One room (well like the others), but entrance in a dark small corridor between two houses, a bit under the ground, dark, no windows, wet (look to the walls there is mould on them) and horribly dirty. It seems that the parents (occasional workers, drink and quarrel) don't look too much after them. The oldest girl sometimes helps mother when working (met them by fortune in the street putting away trash from a construction area).
It would be very important to move them to a nice and dry room - spoke as well with Ammar as with school principle about this issue,  a matter to be pursued by us!
I took the girls to some shops providing them with fruit, biscuits and ice cream - they seemed to be very happy. Left some money to Sushila to buy some more stuff maybe next month.

2c. Our Scholarship Unesh Gurung in Kathmandu


Met him along with his grandmother in their very nice and clean room.
4 year old Unesh, the youngest of our kids, is privately sponsored since spring 2018 and is a very nice guy. His father was dead, mother went away with another man and now grandmother seems to care very well for him.

2d. Our Scholarship Shristi Sitaula Kathmandu


I was visiting her in their home as nobody has seen their room before.
Shristi still is an excellent pupil, since ever the best girl in her class. She has become a real young lady meanwhile and starts to speak much more English. Her mother (caring a lot for the kids) and brother are very nice persons and they have a simple but nicely equipped and clean room and a small kitchen apart. The father is still mentally ill and can work only sometimes in a shop. The family pays the school fees for the older boy by themselves but they could not afford to pay for the second kid - therefore they are very thankful that we sponsor Shristi.
Could not meet him unfortunately as he evidently had already left to his village because of Dashain Festival.